Which Thermostat Saves the Most Money?

Published March 10th, 2021 by Tripleo

Why go with a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats have been around for quite a while, but not all are created equal. Some "smart" thermostats have clunky back end apps that would make Steve Jobs cry. Ok, they might not be that bad, but they are a far cry from user friendly. There are quite a few things that each smart thermostat has in common though: 

1. They save money.

2. They are kinder to the environment.

3. They offer a convenience that many of us never believed was possible. (especially for those with vacation homes)

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Set the Temperature from Anywhere

Traditional thermostats still are a fine solution, but only if you are physically around to adjust them. Sure some can be programmed, but a lot of the programming is outdated and much less user friendly than a smart thermostat. Ecobee and Nest thermostats can connect to mobile apps, web browsers and virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You are also able to set programs related to your location. When you are closer to home, the thermostat signals the equipment to adjust temperatures based on your location automatically! 

Which Smart Thermostat Saves the Most?

While there are many smart thermostats to choose from, our most popular brands that we install are NEST and ECOBEE. What many people don't know is proper programming can save you up to 20% on your utility bills! Yet, one of those brands stands above:

NEST: An average of 10-12% savings on heating bills and 15% savings on cooling.

ECOBEE: An average of 23% savings on both heating and cooling bills.

As the warmer weather starts to make its way back, it is important to make sure your A/C unit and thermostat is ready. As always, we'd be honored to earn your business but never want you to feel forced into buying a new thermostat or unit before you need. Likewise, we won't make an expensive repair if we think it is best for a replacement. 

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