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So your kids are home - young adults, grade school and everything in between. You hop in the shower to find out the water is no longer your friend. You start to wonder: Will we ever have hot water again? 

Ok, maybe thats a bit dramatic, but we've all been there! When considering what water heater is best for you and your family, there are a number of factors to consider. Different systems have different benefits including: water usage, utility costs and the cost of the equipment itself.

What's the Difference?

1. Convenience

Many homes across Western NY  run out of water before everyone gets the shower they desire. A traditional tank water heater is sold (and priced) by the number of gallons it keeps hot continuously. It keeps the hot water until a line is opened. Once the precious hot water leaves the take, it brings new infill water in and takes time to re-heat the new supply.  

A tankless water heater doesn’t store water, it only heats the water when you call for it. The tankless technology has a continue to improve over the years allowing for unlimited hot water use simultaneously: dishes, laundry, showers, etc. 

2. Energy

In a world full of "going green" and all-natural energy, "energy" has never held more value. Unfortunately, older technology doesn't hold these new ideals. A traditional tank water heater will continuously store and heat water. (even during those hours you don’t need hot water) A tankless heater only brings water hot when you need it and stops running when you don’t need it. This saves much more than energy.

3. Cost

At the time of purchase, the traditional water tank will costs less for your home. However, the lifespan of these traditional units are much lower. While the tankless may be more of an investment up front (financing available) it will last 20+ years with very little maintenance. Not to mention, a tankless water heater can reduce energy costs by 60% or more! 


Installation costs for both a traditional tank and tankless are quite comparable. Following installation, the difference in savings is astounding:

Tank heaters deteriorate over time: With mineral build up inside the tank that cooks over and over again. Most tanks last only 10 years before replacement is required.

Tankless heaters are much more effective - Lasting up to 20 years and needing very little maintenance. On top of that, Triple-O offers the following warranties: 12 year heat exchange, 5 year parts and 1 year labor.

We get far too many calls from homeowners who are left with a nasty mess, damaged drywall and flooring. Did you know that 75% water heats fail because a tank bursting? These bursts leak 30 to 80 gallons of rusty water (depending on tank size).  

In 2020 we have been trusted by 100% of Lowe's in the Greater Rochester Area as their preferred plumbers. With over two decades of experience, we would be honored to help. Give us a call or fill out the form below and see how we can help you avoid the mess of rusty water and high energy costs! 888-705-0001.

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