Repair or Replace?

Published June 16th, 2020 by Tripleo

Are you worried every time you turn your AC on? Perhaps you are concerned with the ever-changing utility bill or an old AC system you inherited when you purchased your home. If you suspect your unit may be on the fritz, look for these signs to see when its time to REPAIR or REPLACE:

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5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Replaced

1. The air flow is poor.

We get this call way too often. Air is still moving through your home but it doesn't feel as strong as it once did. There are many reason this could be happening including issues with your AC’s compressor or  vent blockages. If your unit is less than 5 years old, we would recommend calling in a repair. However, if you have an older unit, sometimes the cost of repair isn't worth the headache of keeping an outdated unit running. 

2. Moisture and leaks around your unit.

While condensation around an air conditioner is normal, leakage can be the sign of a major problem. If you notice larger pools of water around your AC unit, it is time to call a technician right away. Leaking coolant can pose a health risk to your family/pets and excessive water leakage inside of the home can create damage and mold. 

3. Thermostat not working properly.

"I'm calling for 68 degrees, but my upstairs is so hot." Best case scenario is that your AC unit isn't the problem, but your thermostat is. If other rooms seem to be getting proper air but certain areas are not, it may be worth having a professional check your thermostat. Smart thermostats, like NEST, often provide error messages if something is wrong and are usually able to help you isolate the issue.

4. Your AC unit is 10-15 years old.

The average AC unit lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If you have a system older than that - well done! Well, kind of. Often older models focus less on energy efficiency unlike our newest models. Upgrading to a newer system can cut your utility bill up to 15%. If you have an older unit, routine maintenance is recommended (at the very least) so that you aren't caught in the middle of a heat wave without AC!

5. Your AC unit needs frequent repairs.

There is a difference between getting seasonal tune-ups and having to call in repairs every year. If you find yourself paying to have the same system repaired repeatedly, it might be time for a new unit. We are happy to provide repairs, but would rather see you in a situation that is best for you and your family. 

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