Lowe's Plumbing Choice 2020

Published February 28th, 2020 by Tripleo

We are beyond excited to announce that we will be joining forces with all of the Lowe's stores in the Greater Rochester area as their "Preferred Plumber" to help assist with install and service. It is our highest honor to join Lowe's in helping serve the needs of homeowners in the Greater Rochester area. We look forward to bringing almost 2 decades worth of experience and quality to this team. 

Triple-O is a family-run business, established in 2003 by current president and owner Luke Giannone. We are upstate New York's premier heating, cooling, refrigeration, plumbing and electrical company for residential and commercial application. We are a true one-stop shop for quality service.

We are not a sales or commission driven company, and we believe in being honest and educating our customers when it comes to repair or emplacement, so that they can make educated decisions for themselves. Thanks again to Lowe's for welcoming us on board - Lets get to work!

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Best Air Filter For Allergies

Published August 27th, 2019 by Tripleo

Not So Fast...

It is a common misconception that people believe air filters trap and reduce allergens. In reality, air filters trap dust and debris out of the system to prevent damage to the equipment, and keep it running efficiently. Special air filters are designed to trap and reduce microscopic particles that cause allergens.  

Particles like mold, bacteria, and pollen slip through the large paper filters in furnace or air conditioners. Paper filters are used to trap large dust bunnies hindering the equipment' performance.  This means that those microscopic particles are recycled through the air, causing you to breathe those pesky allergens in. To assist your equipment in reducing these toxins, you should invest in a HEPA filter-High Energy Particulate Air Filters.  These filters reduce allergens like pollen, bacteria, and even smoke!

Not all HEPA filters are created equal. Your system may not be compatible with certain HEPA filters. Be aware of MERV ratings for filters - Minimum Efficiency Reporting System (ranges from 1-12) Our highly trained service technicians can assist you with deciding which HEPA filter is best for your equipment. If you have a general question, or would like to set up a FREE assessment please fill out the link here: FREE ASSESMENT

Unlike paper filters, HEPA filters need to be changed more frequently - sometimes more than once a month depending on your location and how severe bacteria and toxins are in the air.  On top of maintaining HEPA filters, be sure your equipment is routinely maintained for proper efficiency. We offer residential and commercial preventative maintenance plans for all your equipment. 

Tips for Freezing Temperatures

Published February 12th, 2020 by Tripleo

Remember, we are only a call or text away should anything go down during these freezing temps. From frozen pipes to broken down furnaces, we are your one stop shop! 888-705-0001.

My Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

Published January 8th, 2020 by Tripleo

My Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

Oh man, we've all been there before. Middle of winter when you are counting on your furnace to work at its best and then COLD AIR. Have no fear, we have a few tips that should help you if your furnace is blowing cold air:


Fan setting is critical to ensuring that your furnace isn't using unnecessary energy. Make sure your thermostat is turned to "Auto", not "On." Auto will ensure that the blower will run only when the furnace is heating the air.


This may seem obvious, but make sure to check the air filter to make sure that the heated air has a clear path to your home. If you need a filter changed or want the peace of mind to not have to worry about changing them, consider a Triple-O Preventative Maintenance Plan


If you don't already, you may want to consider a smart thermostat. This will automatically send error messages directly to your device to prevent long term damage to your equipment. We recommend NEST thermostats


Common causes for blockage are: Dust, Dir, Mold and Ice (especially here in upstate NY) While hopefully not the case, sometimes overflow may be caused by a broken condensate pump. If that is the case, you will need a professional to come out for a quick service call.


While we have a bunch of customers who call in AFTER youtube video diagnosing, we recommend calling beforehand. We will take care of your right the first time, providing peace of mind for the remainder of furnace season and seasons to come. Simply call or text at 888-705-0001 or fill out this form.

Emergency Plumbing on Christmas Eve

Published January 8th, 2020 by Tripleo

Emergency Plumbing on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2019, started as a normal Christmas holiday for the Nieves family. Dad was doing some last minute shopping, mom was baking Christmas cookies with the kids. They were expecting 6 additional family members to come and spend Christmas with them and were very excited to host this year. Here's where we come in...

Who is open on Christmas Eve?

After heading in the basement to grab a few things for their Christmas dinner table, Julio noticed a significant amount of water building up. Not knowing where to turn, he quickly went to facebook to ask if anyone knew a company that would be open on Christmas Eve. Triple-O was mentioned. After a quick call, Triple-O was on the way ready to save Christmas!

After diagnosing the issue, we went to work to fix the issue. We could see the stress on the family who was trying to figure out how they could host 6 additional guests without being able to use any running water. What happened next? Here is what Julio had to say:

"Triple O's service was a five star experience. I was in an emergency situation ON CHRISTMAS EVE with family and guests coming over. Triple O came highly recommended by a friend and they responded to our call and we were able to set something up within minutes. They were able to come to our rescue within the next hour and gave great and thorough service. They diagnosed the problem and thanks to them and all the help they were able to provide we were able to continue with our holiday festivities with no problems.

I thought about getting a snake and taking care of the problem myself but under the circumstances I went with a pro and Im so glad I did because it would of cost me money and time and I would not had taken care of the problem.  Thank you Triple O for all f the help you were able to provide and if future problems arise, Triple O is who I'm trusting!"

If you are in need of emergency service, even on a holiday, Triple-O is just a call or text away! 888-705-0001.

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