Legalization of Marijuana in NYS

Published July 1st, 2019 by Shawna

There is a huge push to legalize marijuana across the country. Out of the 50 states, recreational cannabis is legal in 11 states. Specifically in New York State, there seems to be a standstill. So why are we at Triple-O talking about it?

Climate Control - Climate control is very important with any “green house.” Our certified technicians would be able to find an indoor temperature that isn’t too hot to fry the plants and isn’t too cool to freeze them. *Watch humidity levels as well!

Lighting - Lamps and LED lights are often used to ensure proper lighting/nutrients are getting to each plant. No sunglasses needed! 

Airflow - While temperature is important, one of the great benefits Triple-O will provide in any green house is proper airflow. Keeping air moving helps prevent mold and strengthens the stems/branches of your plants. 

According to the NY Times, at least 55% of New York State voters support the legalization of marijuana ( We went out to the streets of the International Rochester Jazz Fest to see how Rochestarians feel about this issue. Take a look here!

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