Emergency Plumbing on Christmas Eve

Published January 8th, 2020 by Tripleo

Emergency Plumbing on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2019, started as a normal Christmas holiday for the Nieves family. Dad was doing some last minute shopping, mom was baking Christmas cookies with the kids. They were expecting 6 additional family members to come and spend Christmas with them and were very excited to host this year. Here's where we come in...

Who is open on Christmas Eve?

After heading in the basement to grab a few things for their Christmas dinner table, Julio noticed a significant amount of water building up. Not knowing where to turn, he quickly went to facebook to ask if anyone knew a company that would be open on Christmas Eve. Triple-O was mentioned. After a quick call, Triple-O was on the way ready to save Christmas!

After diagnosing the issue, we went to work to fix the issue. We could see the stress on the family who was trying to figure out how they could host 6 additional guests without being able to use any running water. What happened next? Here is what Julio had to say:

"Triple O's service was a five star experience. I was in an emergency situation ON CHRISTMAS EVE with family and guests coming over. Triple O came highly recommended by a friend and they responded to our call and we were able to set something up within minutes. They were able to come to our rescue within the next hour and gave great and thorough service. They diagnosed the problem and thanks to them and all the help they were able to provide we were able to continue with our holiday festivities with no problems.

I thought about getting a snake and taking care of the problem myself but under the circumstances I went with a pro and Im so glad I did because it would of cost me money and time and I would not had taken care of the problem.  Thank you Triple O for all f the help you were able to provide and if future problems arise, Triple O is who I'm trusting!"

If you are in need of emergency service, even on a holiday, Triple-O is just a call or text away! 888-705-0001.

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