Best Air Filter For Allergies

Published August 27th, 2019 by Tripleo

Not So Fast...

It is a common misconception that people believe air filters trap and reduce allergens. In reality, air filters trap dust and debris out of the system to prevent damage to the equipment, and keep it running efficiently. Special air filters are designed to trap and reduce microscopic particles that cause allergens.  

Particles like mold, bacteria, and pollen slip through the large paper filters in furnace or air conditioners. Paper filters are used to trap large dust bunnies hindering the equipment' performance.  This means that those microscopic particles are recycled through the air, causing you to breathe those pesky allergens in. To assist your equipment in reducing these toxins, you should invest in a HEPA filter-High Energy Particulate Air Filters.  These filters reduce allergens like pollen, bacteria, and even smoke!

Not all HEPA filters are created equal. Your system may not be compatible with certain HEPA filters. Be aware of MERV ratings for filters - Minimum Efficiency Reporting System (ranges from 1-12) Our highly trained service technicians can assist you with deciding which HEPA filter is best for your equipment. If you have a general question, or would like to set up a FREE assessment please fill out the link here: FREE ASSESMENT

Unlike paper filters, HEPA filters need to be changed more frequently - sometimes more than once a month depending on your location and how severe bacteria and toxins are in the air.  On top of maintaining HEPA filters, be sure your equipment is routinely maintained for proper efficiency. We offer residential and commercial preventative maintenance plans for all your equipment. 

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