5 Tips to Beat The Heat: How do you Keep Cool in this Hot Weather?

Published July 19th, 2019 by Tripleo

5 Tips to Beat the Heat: How do you Keep Cool intros Hot Weather? 

1. Water

Yes, mom was correct all those years when she told you to stay away from the soft drinks and other sugary drinks. Stay hydrated with water.

2. Wear Loose Cotton Clothing

Give your body some room to breathe! While some work environments don't allow for business casual, we recommend wearing clothes that allow air flow to reach your skin. 

3. Eat Cool Foods

"You are what you eat." If you want to be cool, eat cool foods. Think salads, veggies and fruit. Avoid eating meat and protein-heavy foods during the heat of the day because these can increase metabolic heat production, which can add to loss of water.1 Huffington post. 

4. Avoid Oven & Stove

Like point 3, try to avoid adding heat to your home. Not only will this increase the AC bill, but your body temperature will not appreciate the extra heat.

5. Air Conditioning 

These are the days that your AC unit was made for. Many people try and "save money" by only turning on the AC when they are home. We recommend leaving it on even while away as cold air takes a while to rise to all areas of the home. Need new AC unit? Click here for our Central Air $69 per month Summer Special while you still can! 


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